Requirements to abstracts


1. Abstracts should be submitted in English or Russian languages in an electronic form using the link, provided when registering on the forum.

2. A name of a file containing abstracts, should correspond to a first name and a last name of an author in English, the file should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (have the extension *.doc, *.docx).

3. The abstract should not exceed 4,000 printed characters, including spaces, punctuation marks, numbers, etc.

4. Abstracts text format. The text should be typed in Times New Roman font, have a size 12 pt and line spacing 1,5 pt.

5. Abstracts should not contain any complex graphic material (photos, pictures, etc.).


Requirements to reports


1. Reports should submitted in English or both in English and Russian languages (if the initial version is in Russian).

2. After receiving a notification of acceptance, the file with the text of the report should be sent to the e-mail - The file should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (file extension *.doc, *.docx).

3. The amount of the full text of the report in English, including tables and bibliography, should not exceed 18,000 printed characters, including spaces, punctuation marks, numbers, etc.

4. Reports text format. The text should be typed in Times New Roman font, have a size 12 pt and line spacing 1,5 pt. Highlighting in the text should be done by italics or semi bold letters only, but not underlining. All double spaces and extra line breaks should be removed from the text.

5. The file with the text of the report that is attached to the e-mail should contain all information for publication (including pictures and tables).

6. The report should fit in the following structure:

6.1 Report name.

6.2 Authors of the report. The author(s) name, last name, information about the author(s) (scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work with a postal address, an e-mail address) - right alignment, no indentation.

6.3 The lead

- Report name. - The authors of the report. When writing authors’ names please write initial letters of each name before a last name (e.g. J. Smith, M. Johnson). After a name of each author, his degree and academic rank should be specified.

- Name of the organization. It is necessary to write an official full name of the organization (no abbreviations). After the name of the organization, a name and a position of the head of the organization should be written in brackets. If the report was written by authors from different organizations, you need to identify  the names of organizations with the names of authors by adding digital codes in uppercase before the names of the organizations and the names of the respective authors.

- A report summary should (if it is original work) have the following structure: relevance, purpose, materials and methods, results, conclusions. The summary should fully correspond to

the content of the work. The volume of the summary should be between 800-2,000 characters.

- Keywords. Please define keywords - from 3 to 10, which should provide indexing by the search engines.

6.4 The full text of scientific papers should be structured in sections. The recommended structure of the report: an introduction with the purpose of scientific work, objectives statement, results, conclusions, bibliography, annexes (e.g., mathematical calculations, which are not included in the main text, meaning of used designations, etc.).

6.5 Additional Information

- Credits. Authors can express their gratitude to the people and organizations that contributed to the publication of the report, but are not its authors.

6.6 Bibliography.

In the bibliography, each source should be placed on a new line under an order number.

The basic rules of bibliography execution:

- In the list, all works should be listed in the order of citation, and not in the alphabetical order.

- In the text of the report the bibliographic references should given in brackets in Arabic numerals.

- The bibliographic description of each source should contain all its authors. If a source has more than 4 authors, type an abbreviation “at al.” after the 3rd author.

- Names of papers and journals should not be shortened.


- The bibliographic description of Russian-language sources should conform to the existing transliteration standards. If necessary, please use this link: - online source that helps to execute main types of sources as per GOST and to implement transliteration.

In all cases when the quoted material has a Digital Object Identifier - DOI, it should be specified at the end of the bibliography. You can check the DOI of the report on or To receive the DOI, you need to enter the report name in the search box.


- Should be typed in a formula editor (Microsoft Equation, Mattype, embedded Word capabilities);

- Latin characters should be typed in italics font; Cyrillic and Greek characters, logarithm symbols, sum, max, and min – upright font;

- Formula elements in the text should be typed on a keyboard.


Since the page make-up of the forum papers is carried out using specialized programs, the editorial board recommends to attach to a report a separate folder containing formulas in * .jpeg or * .bmp formats. Each file (picture) should be given a number corresponding to the number of the specific formula in the text.

Tables should be placed in the text of the report, they should have numbers in their names and clearly marked columns, convenient and easy to read. Table’s info should correspond to the figures in the text, but should not duplicate information presented in it. The text shall obligatorily contain references to the tables in it.

Pictures (graphics, diagrams, charts and other pictures, created with MS Office tools) should be contrasting and sharp. The amount of graphic material should be minimal (except for jobs where it is justified by the nature of the study). Each drawing should be placed in the text and accompanied by a numbered caption. References to drawings in the text are obligatory.

Photos, screenshots and other not painted illustrations have to be given separately in * .jpeg, * .bmp, * .gif format (* .doc and * .docx - if additional notes are applied). Image resolution should be more than 300 dpi. Image files should be assigned with a name corresponding to a number of a picture in the text. In the file description a separate caption should be used, matching a name of a photo in the text.